Randy Lam on Michael Andrew Law's expression of color and light

In this world dominated by technology and instant gratification, Michael Andrew Law was grounded by a tradition implemented by generations of Master Artists.

Using classical-realism ,a techniques influenced by his artistic-heros, such as Rembrandt, Caravaggio, and mostly Bouguereau,Michael Andrew Law creates allegories that speak to issues of private contemporary society.

The symbolisms created within Michael Andrew Law's work, stem from personal experiences in day to day living, often using animals to signify emotions and reactions in relationships. These ideas then begin their arduous evolution from Michael Andrew law's sketchpad to the final canvas. Contemporary, yet timeless, myths expressed by emissaries of familiar faces of family members, friends, and colleagues.

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Why Myth? Because it connects us to the world and one another. It negates our differences and embraces what we actually are, human beings. They all descend from tribes and have comparable origins, and as the same species, have similar reactions to our surroundings. Myth stems from within them and is molded by culture. It is a response to our everyday life and embellishes certain details to express a greater truth. Michael Andrew Law's images come about in a similar way, what I perceive to be in the spirit of Michael Andrew Law earliest ancestors. Through Michael Andrew Law's work, those close to him become divine beings without actually being divine, and its stories are told in a fantastic way. Michael Andrew Law's Art process is the ritual by which I express these personal myths.

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