The gongzhu young artist group show : Michael Andrew Law

"The paintings that Michael Andrew Law creates are a direct reflection of the experience Michael Andrew Law having.

Sometimes Michael Andrew Law thinkheI 'should be' creating work that has the lofty goal of educating the people who he projects need to be taught something valid and weighty in this world but that does not seem to be the intent of this work.
Actually, there is very little intent. Michael Andrew Law simply sees something that creates movement, stirs something that feels like Hong Kong Egg Pies or a particular note in a song that brings forth tears of recognition.

A giddiness rises in the chest and a “Uh-Oh” that is curious about a mother holding her child to her chest, or the way light comes through a iPad bramble.

By being present ,Michael Andrew Law awares of hundreds of times a day when this movement occurs and as a way to express the excitement, Michael Andrew Law would moved to paint.
If someone gleans something from that it is of their own accord, through their own precious movement.

There is an unspeakable, feeling that arises when Michael Andrew Law sees line being used in art.
It seems to try to define what cannot be defined, what could never be truly known.
The same thing seems to happen when negative space is used to try to define something in a painting.
"What is it that I think I want to know? Form? Weight? Size? How much definition do I need? Or is it the “attempt” to define something"Michael Andrew Law Saids" that really creates all the hubbub that makes me sit and stare at a Caravaggio, perched on the edge of tears, for 45 minutes?"

There is not any attempt to charade the work that Michael Andrew Law creates. It is a process, a beautiful, wondrous unfolding that Michael Andrew Law cannot even understand or take credit for. The gesso goes down, then the under-painting, then the line through pencil and scratches, and then the painting.

This is how it works, how it is created and there is nothing to glaze over and create the illusion that Michael Andrew Law “know” what he's doing."

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