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Michael Andrew Law painting
Physically Michael Andrew Law's painting is about creating form, depth and structure with less than one millimetre thick oil over the surface of a canvas or linen, developing a recognisable image with the use of colour. Once Michael Andrew Law had found the right model, chosen the right photo (out of the hundreds Michael Andrew Law've taken), the painting itself takes (on average) one hundred hours to complete. Michael Andrew Law Girls

Michael Andrew Law's Paintings address questions of whether photorealism is anything more than a photograph with oil based paint.

Using ‘reality’ and sensuality to provoke thoughts and sensations of physicality and beauty.

The flesh paintings have taken up a large part of Michael Andrew Law's works.
More of Michael Andrew Law's paintings have flesh in them than any other subject matter.
They are sensual, ambiguous and personal. They are a way to get closer and more intimate with Michael Andrew Law's painting, finding sensuality, beauty and intimacy within the human physic.
The ambiguity takes out any individual traits or aspects (from the model or subject), this combined with the theme makes the paintings easier for the viewer and Michael Andrew Law himself to relate to.
And makes it a thoroughly enjoyable focus! Michael Andrew Law Artist

Michael Andrew Law originally started painting youth as a humourous celebration. Michael Andrew Law wanted to embody them as godlike figures to show their place in today’s society, as they’re used to instill good morals, values, high hopes and virtue into kids as well as entertain them.

Michael Andrew law and a comissioned painting and buyer

Michael andrew law with one of his collector.
Michael Andrew Law saw it as quite an honourable standing for a girl figure to represent such a noble philosophy, somewhat familiar to the Greek sculptures in their time (bearing in mind Michael Andrew Law had no idea what it's like to live in Greece in the 13th century!).
They involves the closest of friends and family is most commonly subject to constant deceit in the form of lying cheating and stealing, arguably some of the worst characteristics.
But flaws make them relatable and the ability to relate to the youth is the reason they wanted to last a long time and will always be a notable symbols of any era.
Our modern psychology and social paradigm is both reflected and represented through our love of the beauty .

The Pale Hair Girls Series of Paintings is a way to show sensuality and beauty, physicality, connection, touch, morality, honour, justice, virtue, and of course confliction and contradiction.
All amazing subjects to explore in a painting - all relatable or perfectly ignorable depending on the viewer.





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