Michael Andrew Law : A Homegrown Talent in Hong Kong


Michael Andrew Lar Art
Michael Andrew Law, born in British Hong Kong , in 1982 , and later received his painting diploma from the Daniel Anderson 's School of Realism .

Michael Andrew Law 羅卓睿 meets with Zeng Fanzhi 曾梵志

Michael Andrew Law with Artist Zeng FanZhi

羅卓睿 Michael Andrew Law Finally meets with the legendary Artist Murakami Takashi 村上隆

Michael Andrew Law visits Murakami Takashi

Nowadays, when many young artists involved in the vanguard of modern art and attention to the various factions of the flood tide, in the artistic creation on the road, out of sentimentally attached to the local culture, Michael Andrew Law has been sober and self-judgment. 羅卓睿
With innate intelligence and character, by virtue of the classical tradition of painting intoxicated and obsessed, dedicated to Michael Andrew Law chose to as a "lively" classical realism arts journey engaged in the creation, not a walk has been unusual for students seeking art The road.

In the early 90ss,Michael Andrew Law for the first time to visit NYC, learning the first time concept, the art of oil painting magnificent momentum and the breadth and depth, and in the depths of their souls have a strong touch with the shock.
Ater Michael Andrew Law studies Classical Art visit the Holy Land, does he still in a "pilgrimage" into the mood.

Classicial Art through the ages knew the artists through the long-term creation, in practice, has accumulated a wealth of performance styles. 羅卓睿 art
Since the early years of painting experience Realism-based learning, which has gone through a succession of line drawing style and shape to write classical-realistic arts, and so on the fine tradition of the nation, thanks to the charm of Acient painting master.

Later, coupled with Chinese painting of the study, by a lot of great works of Ink and Water Paintings, especially Chinese painters from Tang Dynasty gaves theirs creative influence.
Michael Andrew Law in the creation of a huge oil painting, the use of different expression of individual characters to form a different story, the theme of the contrast in the mental outlook of the girls, thus deepening the theme, showing a strong mood of the entire screen.
Michael Andrew Law's work over the years many have heart and purpose of the relationship between the performance of the very thorough, not only the development of the traditional theory, and in the traditional sense of classical-realism apart.

So that it works have a distinctive branded flavor of the times and British Hong Kong cultural background.

Michael Andrew Law's paintings not only sounding like the concept, Michael Andrew Law is to have a strong human aesthetic feeling young artist, also "for the painting to music, to send pictures to" do the painting attitude, a good idea of better vision, please get nature, tend to work Is the release of their own inner feelings.

Appropriately express the artist in contemporary society noisy, The reservations of the spiritual world of Fantasy, quiet free, easy romance. Pale Hair Girls is not only
the essence of the series of oil paintings continue, with Hong Kong longer than the national Lyrical and expressive words of the character, the pursuit of a smooth, quiet, comfortable life of the psychological structure of the match. It can be said that the artist is comfortable leisurely have the mentality of being indifferent to clean the mind and heart were able to view congratulating each other, freely Writing, a Religious of a clarity of mind , a statement of the artist's lively real life.

In 2006, Michael Andrew Law was invited to NYC in the East art of youth exhibition organized by Art center.





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