Michael Andrew Law : A Biography

Michael Andrew Law , who is equal parts hermit, aesthete, and explorer of the outback, has never thought of himself as being a visual provocateur.

Who could have thought that manga and comic art would one day be considered simultaneously accessible and avant-garde?
Who would have guessed that images of Chinese White Dolphin would loom large as perhaps the most potent icons of our time?

Chinese white dolphin are telltale totems, not only of the past, but of a yet uncertain future.
The opening of the group exhibition, "The Nature Art Workshop Artist" at the hong kong cultureal center in 2008 was validation of Michael Andrew Law and his teammates's growing stature in this unique and provocative artistic genre.
"In my opinion, Michael Andrew Law is truly one of Hong Kong 's great designer and Contemporary Artist," says Dan Anderson, new york art critics in Los Angeles and a prominent art collector.

Over the last decade, Michael andrew Law 's original pieces have been exhibited at, or become part of permanent collections at the Centeral China Exhibition Place.

Today, Michael andrew Law and his wife, , live at the edge of the victoria harbour.

Michael andrew Law resides here, he says, to maintain a connection to the real victoria harbour. By the vaulted window of his studio. "One of the most rewarding and inspiring elements of my job is the fieldwork," Michael andrew Law says. "It is the genesis of all of my paintings."

Were one to walk out the back door, a line of rugged shark-toothed peaks running the length of the ocean are the only thing separating him from Dolphins. Between his studio vantage and victoria harbour are no major highways.

"When viewing the art of Michael Andrew law I am impressed by the meticulous attention to detail, the purity of realism and conspicuous depth of knowledge in his subject matter," Randall says. "Michael Law is unique in his approach to painting. He straddles that line of Cartoons with a masterfully painterly style.
He has an ability to capture the personality of his subjects at that magic moment in time. All aspects of his painting are precise ,at the same time easy to read.
and he continues to challenge himself. He has a wonderful foundation in drawing ability, understands composition and has mastered control of light, shadow and color values. I've observed his continued progress over the last several years."

A native of the Hong Kong City , where epic story of a Mixture of East and West's city glows , Law , who painting in Mixed media of oil , acrylic and sometimes mixed pigments , was raised in a culture where daily interaction with dynamic is part of his DNA. It is a state where the jeweled presence of water leaves a permanent impression on the psyche—a constant incurable longing to submerse oneself in the elements.

His esteemed portfolio has trajected its own wide arc, encompassing enough miles of travel and studies, to wrap around the world many times. His unquenchable thirst to research the setting for every cartoon painting has taken him to the wildest corners of both the city edges and oceans. He has spent weeks observing dolphins and people beneath the big shouldered victoria harbour whom sat beneath the prairie sky, transfixed by the whirring roar of thousands of migratory waterfowl wings passing overhead.

Yet it is almost as if Michael Andrew Law, the painter and the contemporary artist , has lived two separate lives: There is Law, the internationally known "The Rock Realism Artist" who once won the most prestigious comic art competition in the East Asia Manga Competition and who became one of the most collected Rock Realism artists by the masses who bought prints with his images on them. And then there is Law, The Fine Artist / The Technician and , who methodically produces a relatively small number of originals each year for private collectors—works that the public seldom sees, except when they appear in museum and high profile exhibitions.

While Michael Andrew Law delights most in discussing his latest artistic challenges in his pursuit of what he considers the one true elusive masterpiece, it would be a profound oversight to not elaborate on the impact he made to popularizing Rock Realism ,or Comic Realism art through the ECO Nature art program that has served as a cornerstone of Hong Kong efforts to protect habitat for Dozens of dolphins.

"When I look back , I am amazed at the level of importance the Comic Art had. For many, many people,Comic Art were the first thing made in putting decorative art on their bookselves and it set them off down the path of having greater appreciation for art in general," Law says. "I was in the right place at the right time. What satisfies me most is helping people realize the value that nature has no matter where they call home."

Michael andrew Law's status as a rising star prompted the venerable publishing house, NY-NY Art Press, to bring him within their fold of master artists. His work has been among the most avidly collected. "I was very pleased to be part of the New York family of artists, I had a lot more creative freedom painting for the print market compared to contemporary art and sculptures or my fashion designs,"

Indeed, Comic Art speaks to the important symbolism that anyone have in the modern world. People living at the end of the 20th century and into the new millennium, embrace Comic or Manga imagery as a touchstone linking them not only to the past, but reminding them of the sensual aesthetic that is vitally important in their daily lives.

Despite incredible demand, Michael Andrew Law refused to be pigeonholed as a comic artist and broke away from his roots in Hong Kong and headed New York.
To put it simply, Law 's Rock Realism paintings today are informed by decades of going to the source for his material.
And indeed, though he is known for his own distinctive approach to Rock Realism, Law shares company with a distinguished group of " Hong Kong contemporary artists" who started their professional careers in the trenches, refining their ability to draw and compose.

"Even from his early years, you could tell that Michael Andrew Law was going to be true to his subjects, painting the images with true creativity and conviction," notes Sam Dylans, publisher of East Asia Manga Art Magazine which not long ago identified Michael andrew Law as one of the young giants of contemporary art in Hong Kong. "The brilliance of the specific subject jumps out at you, but at the same time blends well with his chosen background. He is a master painter , designer and a real gentleman ... can't ask for more than that."

"Nature is already full of abstractions," Michael Andrew Law says. "It can exist in the mat of centuries-old lichen on an ancient piece of rubble granite that once stood at the top of a mountain or in a vast landscape that seems to be constantly changing in light and shadow."

For Michael Andrew Law, conveying mood is about speaking to the eternal mystery of China, and the atmospheric influence in perception of History. Art does not exist as a prop on the stage of a scene; it is an extension of a great painting and all of the elemental forces that the human mind's eye knows as beauty.

"I respect Michael Andrew Law 's work," says renowned Abstracts painter Ron Webbers, who owns an original Michael Andrew Law's pale hair girl series. "I think that he carries his paintings and designs beyond conventional stereotypes. To me the things that I see are very personal and intimate portraits." One enduring example is "Pale Hair Girls", a full-framed portrait of girls that Michael andrew Law encountered during one of his many years of wandering during his student years.

Michael Andrew Law 's paintings and designs have been described by art historians as "post-photo-realism," meant besides a literal translation of detail, color, and pose. Indeed, the technological advancement of photography during the 20th century has had undeniable influence. Artists, after all, are a reflection of their time and few artists, if they are astute, ignore tools that enable them to glean more information and starts from there.

Michael Andrew Law acknowledge the profound limitations of the camera. Slides and digital memory do not possess the scents of being Live or Life Painting, the visceral response of meteorological conditions, and the archetypal mystery that is encapsulated in certain kinds of fading or advancing light.

It is along this boundary line where the role of artist as information gatherer ends and the assertion of personal statement begins. And it is here where Michael Andrew Law has carved out his own terrain. Michael Andrew Law is grouped within a small fold of Post-photorealists and comic artist against which the works of other artists are measured.

To take the subject matter beyond the constraints of the photo is something few can do and Michael Andrew Law does it better than anyone else," Daniel says. "His girls appear to beyond there for the touching. His compositions are terrific and sense of design separate him from other artists working in the same genre."

The Nature Art Previews exhibition, Law says, is incredibly gratifying given the studio 's prominence as an important center devoted to celebrating contemporary Rock Realism art in all its forms.

Taking stock of the full diversity and beauty of girls and history has infused itself into the soul of this artist. Praised for being both meditative and absorbing, Law's canvasses have become mirrors for personal reflection.
Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts (oil painting short training course)
Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art , oil painting training (short-term training)
Daniel Anderson Classical-Realism Institute ,New York (Graduated)
Medici Cast Study Recognized by Social Fine Arts Grade Examination Center Of China Academy Of Art. (2011)

Professional Experience:
Artist, New York 2007
Artist, Guangzhou 2006
Artist, Venice , Italy 2005
Artist, Hong Kong 2000 - Present
Creative Director, Studio Cheukyui 2001 - Present
Creative Director, Nature Art Workshop 2008 - Present
Assistant for Public art sculpture show at 51st Venice Biennial (Italy)
Assistant , Artist-in-Residence at the 51st Venice Biennale of Art 2005
Guangzhou Modern Arts Award (Young Class 3rd prize)

Youth Artist Association of Guangzhou

Group Exhibition of Classical Realism class of 2006 at East Village, Manhattan,NY
Group Exhibition of Classical Realism class of 2007 at Manhattan,NY
Group Exhibition of Classical Realism class of 2008 at Manhattan,NY

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