Michael Andrew Law and Curator Randy Lam

The reality springs from the world around Michael Andrew Law.
Michael Andrew Law borns and live in the 80s of British Hong Kong.
Returning to his studio, Michael Andrew Law create an imaginary environment for the things he sees.
He wants to isolate them, to study, perhaps just two tower or a single Glass Building.
Michael Andrew Law enjoys the simplicity, the spareness of tights and sexy objects,with carefully observed.

The most fun Michael Andrew Law did in a painting is doing the backgrounds. They are freely improvised, a result of "playing" with the paint or pastels or random objects he feels like to put on . . . lots of layers, surprises, no rules, boundaries, or preconceptions. The invitation is to follow what seems intriguing, a color, a texture, the suggestion of a mood. The freedom of the background balances the exactness of the realist subject, the yin and the yang. Michael Andrew Law's work rests in this balance between reality and imagination.

A native of Hong Kong, returned to Hong Kong after completing a training in Classial Realism from the Dan AndersonSchool of classical realism , and a Film Producer degree from Roger Corman Film School.
For fifteen years, he also produced some of the most sexiest paintings in Hong Kong. It has been his passion to creates Sexy and beautiful objects.''

Randy Lam also written forwords for Michael Andrew Law 's 10 Minutes Art School :The Book.

Randy Lam received his MA and phD from the institute of fine arts at NYU. He teaches as an assistant professor at the department of Fine Arts at the university.

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