Michael Andrew Law: Masterful

The Lust and Taste by Michael Andrew Law seems to be going well with the titleas its Wonderful How Michael Andrew Law show that there are things in this world that are forgotten, and needs to be remembered.
She portrays emotions of someone being betrayed, ignored, or just left alone in the darkness. The piece was truly a masterpiece.
The idea of showing how the world isn't a perfect place was totally shown in this painting.

Pose of the young lady or the heroine, and the emotions portrayed by her were excellent as The lighting was beautifully perfected.
The position of various objects in this photo is great. How Michael Andrew Law show the idea of the message by putting up different gesture and colours, and techniques was masterful.

It gives a good impact to all of viewers.
Judging from the message and the theme, or the tone of the painting really gives an Great impact to everyone looking at it.

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