Michael Andrew Law and his Post 80 Generations

Michael Andrew Law is one of those post-80s sensation asian artist whose works appear in covers for art magazines to children's picture books, even Album Cover Art.
Touches of femininity such as found in his many works had been regarded as a mixture kitsch and somtimes political.

In a light of respect ,audience and Art Lovers examines his paintings with reference to the times in which they were painted and the social and generation-biases of Gen Y era (biases which extended well into the 21th century!).
Which deserves our attention to a new level of appreciation.
Michael Andrew Law's Lust and Taste consist with 60 plus painting with superb hand painted or digital painted images ,or in Law's work , his screenplay .

It is a joy to see works of the New Generation of 21 century enter the arena of fine art.
Time moves slowly: first the China Art movement and now Hong Kong Next Gen Artist and his fellow Artist.
A fine volume and excellent introduction to the Gen Y Art scene.

Michael Andrew Law Promotional Video on Television:

Promotional Video on Television.




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