Michael Andrew Law and his Post 80 Generations

One of the joys of viewing Art is learning about people, genres, machines, history, music, politics, and so on that one was not previously aware of.
The Focused on the art of Michael Andrew Law , an ground-breaking Artist from Hong Kong.
We sure that have seen his works in one gallery or books.
And Impressed with the growth and development of his art over time. Some of his best work would promise to affects the Hong Kong Art scene.

For years works as an illustrator himself , Michael Andrew Law never a strangers to use photographs as references for his art , though in this series of Lust and Taste ,Michael Andrew Law only produce painting in the series using live models ,in his words, "only live models gives life to the paint on the canvas".

This series traces the evolution of Michael Andrew Law's work ,as much as he loves traditional media , he also uses digital media " My obsession are with Stories and Beauties , doesn't matter what medium to use ,as long as i can tell that beautiful story that i set out to do.".

Michael Andrew Law Promotional Video on Television:

Promotional Video on Television.




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